Summertime and the livin' is easy

29th June 2016

It's officially summer. It might not feel like it but honestly it really is! Cheer yourself by joining us for a wine tasting at our favourite wine shop in the Gers.

Click on the link below and come along to one of our wine tastings which will enable you to fill your fridge with local delights procured from our favourite wine shop in the Gers, L'Alamboutic in Fources.

Champions was delighted to support the recent crowd-funding pleas of Cecile and Nicolas, and we look forward to witnessing the business expand in the months and years ahead.

L'Alamboutic stocks a huge selection of local wines, Floc and Armagnac - not to mention many delicious edible treats and we very much hope that you will join us at one of our wine-tasting events there this summer - simply drop me a line and ask for an invitation.

Summertime, by Ella Fitzgerald
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