Brexit: what would it mean for your EU holiday home?

20th June 2016

Whatever their opinions on Britain’s membership of the EU – and the latest polls show the public is closely divided – more and more people are asking: “What could it mean for my home overseas?”

Holidaymakers “seeking a day’s sunshine by the sea and those who enjoy poking around another town” are drawn to British resorts every year, according to Looking at Great Britain, a study of “British people and customs”, published in 1973.

That was the year Britain joined the European Union.

Since then the number of trips we make to European destinations has grown fourfold. Hundreds of thousands of us have chosen not merely to holiday in Europe but to buy second homes there.

Higher incomes and cheaper travel have helped the trend – but so have successive agreements made at a European level covering banking, tax, insurance, health care, travel and other issues crucial to our easy enjoyment of our overseas properties.

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